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Residential Electricians In Bulverde

Range of Services Provided By Our Residential Electricians In Bulverde

Electrical Repair Works:

Our Licensed Residential Electricians are experts in handling a wide range of electrical projects in your home, regardless of how simple or complicated. We fix faulty plugs, install LED lights and light switches, and handle electrical inspections. And always with your electrical safety in mind.

Electrical Installations

Our residential electrical contractors handle any and all electrical installations, Ceiling fans, EV charging installations, GFCI outlets, regular electrical outlets, home appliances installation, Surge Protector installation for the whole house as it protects from Voltage Fluctuations, and Generator installation.

Light Fixtures:

Let your home have a sparkling look with bright lighting works designed by our skilled residential electricians.

We set you up with exactly what you want, from LED lights to recessed lighting, accent lighting, ceiling fans, lighting rails, switches, dimmers, and much more.

Wiring works:

Our team of professional electricians handles all the electrical wiring works, such as installing new fixtures, rewiring works, and remodeling efficiently.

Appliance Connections

If you require a new cooker, dishwasher, washing machine, or dryer connection in your home or you require your existing connections tested, including your earth grounding, we can help and advise.

Electrical Panels – Circuit Breakers

Our experienced electricians can handle any issues with your panels. Replace broken breakers, add new breaker boxes, or replace a whole panel.

residential electricians Bulverde
residential electricians Bulverde
residential electricians Bulverde

Licensed Electricians  – Residential Services

Not all Residential Electrical Contractors are the same. At Good Electric, we have served local residential customers with a wide variety of quality electrical work since 1984. We understand that security for your home and family is essential. Our reliable, quality, and service-oriented technicians have made a difference. Their attitude to deliver excellent workmanship every time, all the time, sets us apart from the rest. Proper electrical repair services are imperative to avoid hazards. Our skilled team of licensed, experienced professionals offers a variety of services.

For additional customer service, our master and journeymen alike wear company uniforms and ID badges. They will treat your home and property with great care and respect. We assure you our friendly electricians are outstanding in delivering the best customer service at an honest price..

As a homeowner, you can be conflicted when choosing a contractor to work at your residence. We understand that, so we’d like to refer you to the great testimonials we’ve received from customers for your peace of mind. Many of whom use us over and over again. There’s also our A+ rating from the BBB in Bulverde. Feel reassured? Now let’s see what we can do for you and your home.

Electrical Installation/Alteration At Home

Whether you require a complete rewire or alterations to your electrical system, including additions, we can offer complete solutions taking full advantage of new methods and technologies to suit your requirements. This can include home office solutions, extra telephone sockets, or TV points.

Our Other Electrical Services


Indoor/outdoor commercial lighting and electrical repairs, finish and remodels, and data cable installations.


Illuminate your landscape with the best lighting designs that offer an aesthetic look!

Looking for an electrician to handle electrical issues at your home? We provide you with the most qualified electrician who has the experience and expertise to handle residential electrical issues.

Looking for an electrician to handle electrical issues at your home? We provide you with the most qualified electrician that has the experience and expertise to handle residential electrical issues.

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Electrical Troubleshooting – Residential Services

Have you lived in the same home for several years? Just moved in? Or looking to rent your property? It is recommended that your electrical system is periodically inspected, normally every ten years or when you judge it is necessary, maybe due to a change of use. Our electricians will visit your home and carry out a complete inspection and test of all of your electrical circuits, followed by a comprehensive, detailed report on the status of your electrical system.

We can perform an electrical safety inspection of the whole house to make sure there’s no trouble in the future. It’s happened to many of us – we put a plug in a socket, and poof! A flash and smoke are coming out of the socket before darkness. You tripped a fuse because you had a bad connection in the socket that created a short in the system. Don’t let it come to that. Call us at Good Electric, and we will ferret out the problems in your home’s electrical wiring.

Assurance From Residential Electrician in Bulverde

Why Choose Us For Your Residential Electrical Works?

  • 40 + years of experience offering the best electrical service to our customers.

  • Certified, Licensed, and well trained Professionals

  • Reliable

  • 100% Customer Satisfaction


Home Networking – TV – Computers – Telephone

Working from home or home computing is an ever-increasing part of our lives, if you require additional TV, Telephone or Internet connections, we can install and advise to achieve the best possible result.

Low Voltage Lighting

Low-voltage lighting may be used in various ways; it is a safe option in areas like bathrooms, showers, and kitchens. Lighting generally falls into one of three categories – general – task, and targeted. General is overall space brightness with no particular concentration on any part of the room. The task is ideal for reading, sewing or hobbies where general lighting is inadequate. Targeted lighting highlights particular features, like paintings, ornaments or collections. With the addition of dimmer switches, it is possible to control the mood or any area. For further advice, please discuss this with a member of our electrician team.

Regular maintenance of your electrical system and equipment could help stop future problems from occurring and give you peace of mind with regard to the safety of your system. Our certified electricians can arrange periodic checks of your installation at a date and time to suit you.

We Offer More Professional Electrical Services


Indoor/outdoor lighting and electrical repairs, finishes and remodels, parking lot lighting services and data cable installations.


Power distribution, plant maintenance/repairs, and motor control work.


Illuminate your landscape with the best lighting designs that offer an aesthetic look!

Upgrade Your Outlets And Switches Of Your Home

Most savvy homeowners know how important safety is. Fitting carbon monoxide detectors, fire extinguishers, and smoke alarms can ensure you and your family stay protected all year round. You may not be aware of the need for upgraded outlets and switches to maintain the home’s safety; that’s where we came into play.

Using the right kind of hardware can not only make your house safer but can also add a touch of style and design finesse inside your home. Newer outlets greatly reduce the risks of electrical fires.

Some newer outlets and switches have design elements that automatically reduce power when there is a danger of shorting out. Some truly innovative designs can now mean your boring old switches will now be turning heads.

Our suppliers stock a huge range of switches and outlets that match a homeowner’s taste.

At Good Electric, we’re big on saving energy, and purchasing new electrical accessories can also save tons of power. With the aid of new technologies, homeowners can even program certain switches to give out as much power as they deem necessary at any given time.

A switch or outlet upgrade with Good Electric can help save you money and energy output, as well as add an innovative, stylish touch to your home décor.

Outdoor Lighting – Landscape Lighting

We can plan, design, and install your outdoor lighting, assisting you in finding and installing the right lighting to accent your landscaping and entries. Frame your walkways, point out the focal point of your garden, and showcase large trees, arbors, and more…

Let’s not forget outdoor security lighting, so you can see where you’re going or who’s coming. Use outdoor lighting turned on by a motion sensor for both convenience and security.

No matter the job, we guarantee all our residential electrical work on parts and labor for two years. So, no worries, we have excellent customer service

What are you waiting on, Call our Residential Electricians in Bulverde, today.

Need Lighting fixtures installed to your home?

From recessed lighting, accent lighting, ceiling fans, lighting rails, switches, dimmers, and much more, we set you up with exactly what you want.

Our Residential Electricians in Bulverde can rewire older houses to bring them up to specs or help you integrate a room addition.


FAQs on Residential Electrical Works

Why are the lights in my home Flickering?2020-12-24T12:02:57+00:00

Light flickering can be caused due to loose wire. Change the wire and then start using it to avoid personal injury. We have professional residential electricians, who can rewire your entire electrical system.

What is GFCI Outlet?2020-12-24T12:05:58+00:00

Ground Fault Circuit Interrupter, helps to protect from danger caused when outlet comes in contact with water. It turns off the circuit automatically. We have trained electricians to fix this and we highly recommended GFCI outlet for kitchen and bathroom connections.

What causes power surges in my home?2020-12-24T12:13:30+00:00

Power Surge may be caused due to multiple reasons such as wrong electrical wiring, transformer issues, lightning etc. It is better to contact an experienced residential electrician and get the issue fixed.

Why is there a fishy smell coming from my outlet?2020-12-24T12:17:20+00:00

The fishy smell can be caused due to receptacle damage. Turn off the power and contact our residential electricians immediately.

What steps should I take if an appliance keeps blowing a fuse?2020-12-24T12:18:46+00:00

Multiple appliances being run at the same time can overload a circuit. If it is a single appliance, it is advised to contact our home electrical service experts to fix the issue and repair it immediately.

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