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Good Electric’s  Licensed Electrician can wire anything from a parking lot to a new building. Our staff is always respectful of your premises and time, and for your peace of mind, our skilled, professional Electricians San Antonio are uniformed with a picture badge.
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  • Installations
  • Remodeling
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  • 2-Year Warranty – Parts & Labor
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For your Safety & Security you can trust our uniformed electrician.


Commerial Services such as complex data center wiring.


Residential Electrical services including outdoor lighting.


Residential Electrical services including outdoor lighting.

SAFETY is the number one reason to hire a Licensed Electrician

Misused, overloaded, damaged, or improperly maintained electrical equipment are common causes of both workplace and domestic fires. In the workplace or at home it is important to avoid overloading circuits, fuses or outlets. Replace cords and wires that are frayed or worn and do not leave cords coiled up when plugged in. Only use extension cords for temporary power for equipment in use at the moment.

At the workplace, don’t let heating equipment or machinery run overnight if unattended. Keep machines and motors clear of dust and grease and bearings lubricated.

The experts at Good Electric can insure your electrical equipment is properly installed and working safely. An electrical inspection is important for the safety of your home or work space, offering peace of mind by ensuring the safe operation of electrical components. We’ll make sure you have good ground connections, identify common electric mistakes, point out outdated wiring, and help you save energy to reduce costs.

We strive to provide the highest level excellence as Electricians in San Antonio. That’s why we’ve been awarded Angie’s List Super Service Award for 9 consecutive years.

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