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Landscape Lighting is a brilliant way to bring your outdoors to life! We are the leading low-voltage outdoor lighting company in Boerne. With our skills in architectural and landscape lighting, we have transformed the look of numerous residences and other properties in the city of Boerne. Our lights are not only cost-effective and durable but also energy efficient.

You work hard to make sure your yard and landscaping look inviting and attractive. So why would you want to let that disappear every single night at sunset? Nothing beats a summer evening on the patio in Boerne or surrounding areas, the stars, the fireflies, and the fresh air—but when the sun begins setting earlier, you don’t want to lose your patio time to darkness. An outdoor living space that includes an outdoor kitchen and seating provides another place to gather. Busy families, with working parents and kids participating in extracurricular activities, often don’t make it to the dinner table until after dusk. Outdoor kitchens and eating areas become useless unless properly lit.

 Task lighting, which usually functions by a switch as needed, provides visibility to areas designed for cooking and dining. Beyond your desk, porch, or patio, landscape lighting can be used to create ambience and add beauty to the environment.

You can also use light for safety. Landscape lights around your home can act as a deterrent to burglars and vandals. When you or your family members need to leave your home in the dark, lights can illuminate any bumps or uneven ground in your path, preventing falls. If you have a pool, outdoor lighting fixtures can cut down on the risk of accidents. These lights can work by switch or timer and photocell that cue them to come on at dusk and off at the designated time.

Choose us for visually stunning outdoor and landscape lighting systems. Upgrade your outdoor living space. Amaze your family and friends with outdoor landscape lighting that infuses warmth, security, and functionality.

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You’ve spent time planning, planting, and maintaining a beautiful yard. We want to bring our artistry to the evening version of your landscape picture. Good Electric electricians can make sure the sun never sets on your outdoor rooms and landscaping. A professional outdoor lighting setup can make your landscape look even better at night, accentuating the most attractive aspects of the landscape. From under-lit trees to subtle light washes over a garden, there are numerous options for a Good Electric specialist can apply to your outdoors. This aesthetic, combined with our electrical expertise, means you cannot go wrong assigning Good Electric the installation and maintenance of your outdoor lighting needs.

Why We Are The Best For Landscape Lighting In Boerne

In one weekend, you could probably set up a few outdoor lighting fixtures with their own self-contained power source, but for stunning design, you’ll need a Good Electric specialist. Our professionals can make sure the design of your lighting installation is a perfect match for your landscape. The installation of the lighting fixtures will be permanent allowing you to have a single power source conveniently controllable from inside your home.

  • Impeccable customer service.

  • Flawless standards of quality.

  • Customized lighting designs.

  • Certified lighting technicians.

  • Annual maintenance plans.

  • Three decades of experience.

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Outdoor and Landscape Lighting Installation and Design in Boerne:

Outdoor lighting is an art that is our passion and our specialization. Showcase your property’s uniqueness with our customized lighting services that cater to your specifications. Our landscape lighting will spill its ethereal magic over your lawns, poolside, gardens, and flower beds. Entrust your landscape lighting requirements to our handpicked team of experts who have the expertise to redefine your property. We help you decide what’s best for your home or office in Boerne, Texas. Your preference is our priority.

Different Types of Landscape Lighting from Good Electric Boerne

We offer the widest range of outdoor lighting options and services in Boerne. For affordable design options, garden displays, and holiday installations, call us!

Pathway Lights
These lights create illumination for the walkways leading to, from, and around your home. They come in many different finishes, such as brass or molded plastic as well as styles. This is good for both front and back yards as they can be both functional and stylish. Solar lights are an environmental and economical option for your pathway lights.

Spot and Bullet Lights
This style, which is commonly used with low voltage lighting, can accent special features of your landscape. These are generally pointed at something like a plant or decoration on your home. These lights are great for identifying specific features of your home.

Box Lights
Box lights are generally used to illuminate large areas, such as decks or patios. They often use mercury vapor or metal halide bulbs and are mostly found with line voltage. These can be especially beneficial when hosting parties or having dinner outside.

Outdoor Garden Lighting

LED Lights
For all of these landscape lighting installations, you may be wondering if you should choose LED lights. Light-emitting diodes or LED light bulbs cost about eight times more than halogen bulbs, however, LED bulbs won’t need to be replaced until they’ve reached about 40,000 hours of use. With regular use, this comes to about twenty years. Meanwhile a standard bulbs last about two years on average. In other words, in the long run, LEDs are dramatically more cost-effective.

Another consideration is the look of the LED light. LEDs have a cool light temperature, appearing more blue. If you want an LED bulb with a warmer temperature you’ll need one that’s about 3,000 kelvins. We use the latest, technologically advanced LED outdoor lights to implement your customized designs and requirements anywhere in Boerne.
Become the talk of the town with our LED lighting services!

Innovative Garden Lighting 
Garden lighting adds harmonizing dimensions to your garden, extending the daylight time is only part of the effects that can be achieved. We have all the expertise to add the most creative exterior lighting for your garden makeover.

Wall Sconces
Elevates the beauty of your home’s exterior walls by spreading soft, glowing, strategically placed lights.

Boundary Lighting
Outlines the boundaries of your property and installed all around the edge of your yard, garden or lawn.

Hanging Lamps
Provides your patio and the trees in your garden with the kind of illumination that will awe your guests.

Tree Lighting
Light up your trees, bring a dramatic effect over your outdoor ambiance and accentuate your property’s landscaping.

Call Good Electric today to evaluate your outdoor lighting maintenance and installation needs. Our professionals will work according to your taste and your budget to ensure increased beauty of your Texas hill country home.

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We strive to provide the highest level excellence as Electricians in Boerne. That’s why we’ve been awarded Angie’s List Super Service Award for 9 consecutive years.

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