4 Warning Signs You Need Electrical Repairs

Are you noticing a series of odd electrical concerns in your home? Anything from a tripped breaker to flickering lights can raise some red flags.
It’s essential to stay on top of your repairs if you want to save some money. Completing a large-scale job like installing new wiring can cost up to $6,000.
Sometimes, these massive replacements are unavoidable. However, you might be able to avoid them by repairing minor issues as they arise.
Check out four warning signs that you have repairs that require the attention of our electricians in San Antonio.

1) A Breaker That Constantly Trips
Circuit breakers are your home’s safeguards — they’ll shut off any circuits that become overloaded or otherwise operate as they shouldn’t.
A circuit breaker may switch off randomly every couple of months. This occasional occurrence shouldn’t raise any concerns. Instead, you can reset the circuit and restore your electricity flow to normal.
However, your circuit breaker shouldn’t switch off several times in a week. You’ll require the services of an electrician in San Antonio if your circuit breaker trips constantly.
Get in touch with one of our team, and our professionals will get to the root of the problem. We’ll determine if an overload, short circuit, or ground fault surge is to blame and implement an effective solution.

2) Arcs or Sparks of Electricity
Have you or your family members witnessed arcs or sparks of electricity in your home? These definitely aren’t normal, as they indicate a buildup of excessive heat caused by exposed wires. If you leave this problem unaddressed, you may end up with melted outlets or a house fire. One of our electricians in San Antonio will assess the circumstances and perform adequate repairs or replace your home’s wiring if necessary.

3) Buzzing Noises
Do you hear low hums coming from your electrical outlets or devices? You shouldn’t ignore them. They may indicate cover plates that are too hot or lose wiring in your circuit box. In any case, you should have a professional electrician in San Antonio address the problem to avoid the risk of burns or shock.

4) Lighting Issues
Does one of your lights suddenly seem too dim? Do you have a couple of bulbs that flicker whenever they’re on?
A problem with one light likely isn’t cause for concern. Try switching the bulb and see if the issue resolves.
However, an issue with several lights in your home could point to more significant problems. You may have damaged light fixtures, a broken circuit, or a faulty electrical connection.
Don’t allow these problems to remain. Contact your local electrician in San Antonio to address the issue and recommend how to prevent problems down the line (i.e., upgrading an incompatible light switch).

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Have you noticed one or more of the above warning signs in your home? Chances are, your home requires the attention of an electrician in San Antonio. Luckily, our team is on standby and ready to assist. Reach out today to schedule our electrical repair services!