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Does Your Electrical Panel Need An Upgrade? Here Are The Signs

Your electrical panel probably isn’t at the forefront of the things you’re thinking about. But, frankly, you should pay attention to it.
The electrical panel is the heart of your home’s electrical system, pumping electricity to the circuits that power the whole place. If it’s malfunctioning, you don’t just risk losing power – you risk an electrical fire.
Unsure if you’re in the market for an upgrade? Here are 5 signs your panel needs sprucing up.

1. Your Home Is Older And Relies on a Fuse Panel
Fuses and fuse panels are still relatively common. Technically, they’re fine. Your home’s fuse and circuit breakers will protect any overloaded circuits by cutting electricity’s flow.
It’s almost the same as an electrical panel! But not quite.
A fuse holds a piece of metal, and that metal melts when overheated. Because of this, fuses pose a major fire hazard. If your home existed before the 60s, minimize that risk by switching to an electrical panel.

2. Your Panel Often Feels Warm
Light bulbs may feel warm to the touch, but that shouldn’t be the case with your electrical panel.
Since the wiring is designed to contain heat, a warm panel may indicate damaged wires. When it comes to electricity, a build-up of heat can rapidly become an open flame.
In this case, call a team of qualified electricians in San Antonio — ASAP!

3. Your Lights Are Dimming or Flickering
If you don’t have a dimmer switch, and your lights are going down, there are two possible problems:
• Your utility company
• Your electrical panel
If it’s your utility company, the issue is generally isolated and occurs after severe weather.
If the problem is consistent, especially when using household appliances, that’s a signal your electrical panel is the culprit. Your best bet is to have it replaced.

4. Regular Circuit Breaker Trips
If your system is functioning properly, your circuit breaker shouldn’t interrupt the flow of electricity very often.
Frequent circuit failures suggest either a malfunctioning breaker or an overloaded circuit. In both cases, you’ll want to reach out to trusted electricians in San Antonio. They will keep your home and family safe.

5. You’re Remodeling Your Home
If you’re upgrading your whole home, make sure to look at your electrical panel too. Your home’s electric system was designed with specific requirements in mind and is catered to the home’s original style.
Even new-ish electrical systems are worth examining. A whole new home layout may require a fully updated system.
Conclusion — Keep Your Electrical Panel In Mind
Home maintenance certainly requires a lot of work. You may be able to let some things slip, but when it comes to your electrical system, it’s best to take care of necessary problems right away.
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