Ceiling Fans: Keeping You Cool & Saving You Money Too!

No matter the season, you and your family need a way to stay cool and comfortable.
Did you know that running an AC unit requires about 3,500 watts of electricity every hour? This level of inefficiency can hike up your energy bill dramatically. On the other hand, a ceiling fan only uses 60 watts per hour.

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Vintage fan on wood ceiling

With these stats in mind, you may have instantly become a fan of ceiling fans!
Our team of residential electricians in San Antonio wants to help you limit your energy use and save you money. Below, we’ve assembled some ceiling fan hacks for you to implement in your home:
1) Adjust Your Ceiling Fan’s Direction Appropriately
Most fans come with clockwise and counter-clockwise settings.
Our residential electricians in San Antonio recommend you set yours to spin counter-clockwise during the summer months. This direction creates a downdraft, so you and your residents will feel a direct, cool breeze.
When winter rolls around, you’ll no longer desire this once-welcomed cool breeze. It’ll be time to change the spinning direction to clockwise. A clockwise spinning motion will create an updraft. Warm air will rise and make its way down your walls and back to the floor. Your family will feel increased warmth, and you won’t need to rely on heating blankets and space heaters as heavily.
2) Adjust Your Thermostat Accordingly
This may sound crazy, but hear us out — try setting your thermostat to be a few degrees higher in the summer.
If you plan to run your ceiling fans constantly, this is a smart move. They’ll circulate cool air and create a breeze effect, so you don’t need your home at a frigid 72°F in the summer.
3) Turn Your Fans off When You’re Not Home
As residential electricians in San Antonio, we dislike hearing that our clients keep their fans running when they aren’t home. This habit wastes a lot of energy and money, and it doesn’t benefit the home’s residents. Get into the habit of turning off your ceiling fans before you leave the house every day.Ceiling fan  installation
4) Select the Appropriate Ceiling Fan
If you need to replace your current ceiling fan or want to add one to another room, follow our advice to select a new one.
Our residential electricians in San Antonio recommend:
• Getting blade angles of greater than 12 degrees
• Investing in a lighting display simultaneously to save time and money in the long run
• Purchasing the right-sized fan
Are you stuck on where to start? One of our professional residential electricians in San Antonio will walk you through the process, help you find the right product, and complete a safe, productive installation.
Call Our Residential Electricians in San Antonio Today!
A malfunctioning ceiling fan can spell a nightmare during the summer. You don’t want overheated, cranky residents to deal with, so enlist our residential electricians in San Antonio to complete your ceiling fan installation. Call us today to set up an appointment, and we’ll help make your home a more comfortable place to live!