Outdoor Lighting: Your Options and What You Need to Consider

When choosing the correct outdoor lighting for your home, there are several things to consider, as different outdoor lights offer various functions and ambiances. It can be used to illuminate dark paths, highlight a particular area or object, discourage intruders or create mood lighting. outdoor Lighting San Antonio

Types of Outdoor Lighting

Task/Wall lights
These lights can be positioned in entranceways, garages, sheds, porches, etc. and are perfect for providing light when coming in and out of your house. They can create a warm, inviting environment and are the best option for the side of your house or above a back or front door.
Path lights
These lights will illuminate any paths, driveways or steps, and make it safe to walk around after dark. A single floodlight can be used if you want to light a single large area or use rows of path lights to define and illuminate a particular path or section.

Though they can vary in shape and size, the most common has a rounded top and direct the light downwards, therefore increasing its effectiveness.

Accent Lights

These lights can be used to highlight a focal point or showcase any design elements in your garden or patio. To use an accent light, just place it near the base of your structure. You can use one for more focus, or use two accent lights at either side for a softer effect.

Lantern lights

These garden lights take several forms, the most common being the hanging lantern. You can hang these from a hook attached to a high stake, wall or ceiling. To conserve energy, it is easy to find solar-powered lights, which will give you the same glow as electric light. These are great to use for post lamps, or light up a patio or outside table.
Security Lights
Also referred to as floodlights, these cast a bright light amongst a wide area, making them a good solution to deter intruders from entering your home. As an added safety measure, either movement or heat can activate these lights. To make them difficult to access, security lights need to be placed about 9 feet high. The height also assures you a wide area is covered.

Solar lights

These lights are an eco-friendly alternative, saving up to 75% in running costs as they don’t require any electricity to run. Solar lights use sunlight to recharge their batteries, so make sure to place them in a sunny area, so their batteries get charged during the day. They provide a warm low-level light, making them perfect for entertaining areas.San Antonio Outdoor Lighting

Tips to Consider

Know your lights

The three types of lights are ambient, task, and accent, and it’s always a good idea to combine and layer all three for optimal lighting. Ambient lights give you the overall light level, while task and accent lights contribute to the ambient lighting.

Choose energy saving lights

LED bulbs are a cost-efficient and energy-saving option, saving up to 75% in consumption while providing the same amount of light. You can also look for the Energy Star logo on your lighting to reduce costs.

Use weather-resistant materials

Make sure all of your light fixtures are of good, weather-resistant quality. You need to use waterproof bulbs that are safe for the area and purpose.

Select the correct bulb

When choosing a bulb, you must consider the size and type and check that they’re suitable for outdoor use. You must also take brightness into account, especially if using several lights, as you want to avoid blinding lights.

Identify the correct size feature

There should be a balance between the fixture’s proportion and light output. If you are selecting a fixture for your door, it should be one-third of the height of the door. When choosing the fixture, take into consideration how it will look from the street, as it will look about half the size. If you’re uncertain, go up in size.